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With our unique expertise and experience in the cellular delivery field, we also offer contract or partnership services to the academic or industrial communities to assist their research projects in life science and preclinical medicine development. These services include:

Development of various cell permeable peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides in both in vitro and in vivo systems.

Examination and identification of these cell permeable macromolecules in living cells for their intracellular activities. They may be developed as potent cellular inhibitors, stimulators, or mediators, at our customer's request.


Celtek also provides custom peptides to researchers at universities and institutes, and to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We have a strong commitment to high-quality custom peptide services. With many years of experience in peptide chemistry and biology, we can help you with the design and synthesis of your peptides and with technical information that can be useful to your research.

Celtek has the capacity for both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram. We also offer custom services for large peptides, unusual or modified peptides, and specially designed peptides. To learn more about our custom peptide synthesis service, please visit


We alao provide custom gene synthesis services. Our goal is to design and synthesize a gene for you that contains features optimized for your intended research application. Our gene synthesis uses state of the art biochemistry and instrumentation which significantly reduces the synthesis time and cost of synthetic genes. Therefore, you can order whole genes, at your desire, as conveniently as you order simple oligo probes. Please visit: