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Overcome the Barrier

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A typical cell is surrounded by a membrane that functions as a barrier that restricts the exchange of molecules between the inside and the outside of that cell. Consequently, this traffic control limits our ability to study and manipulate intracellular processes by exogenous reagents. We now understand that many human diseases, such as cancer, result from abnormal cellular processes, highlighting the importance of development of technologies which can extend our control over living cells both in vitro and in vivo for drug discovery and development.

The Celtek team has significant experience and expertise in the field of cellular delivery technology, and is actively using and continuously developing various novel, non-destructive cellular delivery technologies, by which peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides can be imported into a wide range of cell types, including tumor cells. These compounds are designed to address disease at the cellular level, which is especially effective in cancer therapy. Cellular delivery technologies have broad application in basic biomedical research, preclinical drug research, and therapeutic use.

Celtek’s patent-protected cellular delivery technologies have been demonstrated superior efficacy, as compared to known cell-permeable agents. Our novel technologies have been incorporated into our preclinical drug products to vastly enhance their therapeutic efficacy. If you are interested in learning more about these new technologies and/or would like to consider licensing opportunities, please contact us.